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To be fair I'm not 100% sure this is Adblock related but it's an odd coincidence considering what happened next.

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Major controversy is brewing over at Reddit & we'll share our perspectives. The ad blocking realm is quickly changing! Check out how third-party ad blockers and the built-in Chrome Ad Blocker might be affecting your income. Ad by InApps. To bring back the revenues, they started running anti-adblocker scripts, locking out adblock users of their content, asking to whitelist their websites or pay for Luckily, Reddit is aware of the issue and is working on restoring the banned accounts now.

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help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts. 20/8/2014 · is the only official site. KissAnime does NOT, and never will, have an official app. To bypass the adblock ban, follow this guide.

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Description: v1.2.0 Disable ads on KissAnime (without triggering the "disable adblock" message). hoshsadiq / adblock-nocoin-list. mining scripts #285. Closed.